COME AND GET SOME (ironchefniems) wrote in obscurelove,

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A New Face

Sorry about this being crooked - I scanned it a little awkwardly.
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I really like these...what kind of camera do you use? And they look like they have some kind of border...
I use a Nikon FM ... it's a hand-me-down from my dad, that he got in college. It's really old, but really, really nice. Plus it's Nikon, so you know it's good.

The border thing, I kind of like. I don't really like to expose the entire piece of paper. Once I get some more money, I'll buy a piece of glass and make the borders of the pictures look really ... rough and .... scary(?)

Thank you
old camera + nikon = <333

the best time to develop film is when it expires.
it gives it more age.
Recently I used a 10 year old roll of TMAX 100.

I think I have some of the best portrait pictures I've ever shot on that roll.

It was surprising, but with TMAX 100 ... nothing can go wrong.