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obscurelove's Journal

it shouldnt be wasted
through your eyes
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If you want to help others know themselves
Give them a camera & the freedom to show you.

Our community does not have a set of rules when it comes to what type of pictures to post because we feel that to impose rules on one another would only put rules upon art & in doing so it would not be considered art. Art knows no boundaries.

We do however a bit of technical things to ask of you
♥:If you are going to post a lot of pictures or pictures that are very large. Please use LJ-CUT
♥:Also, keep words to a minimal. Long drawn out explanations should also be LJ-CUT This community was suposed to be strictly for pictures but, we realized that people do need to explain or maybe have certain lyrics,quotes,etc.. that go with their pictures so, a few words are alright a lot, use the cut.
♥:If you are going to post pictures that are not your please ask for permission & give credit where it is due.
♥:Asking for codes,posting quizzes, surveys are not allowed
♥: the only ones who can post real entries are the mods cause we r00l. naw, just to inform you about things going on in the community.

contact these lovely moderators for any concerns, questions, or lovin'
inconveinence, thestateyouhate, & this_volume